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Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter Family Photos Layouts

6 People Left Some Love:

Andrea said...

Hi Ashley,
thank you for visiting my blog & leaving a sweet comment! Your blog is GORGEOUS!! I'm lovin' all your scrapbook layouts! You have a beautiful family!!

Caroline said...

ashley - what software are you using for your digital scrapbooking? photoshop (elements or a full version) or something else? I want something so I can touch up my photos but also want it to be versatile enough so I can use it for other things too eventually! Hope all is well in QC! Looking forward to our visit in July!

ashley said...

Hey Caroline-- (you need to add being able to comment on your website!) I have just started using photoshop CS2. I really like it! I don't know what else is out there- My friend had this when I started getting into it, so that is just what I use.

Caroline said...

Thanks Ash...yeah I'm working on the commenting thing hopefully I'll have it set up soon but I've been getting distracted with other things. I downloaded the 30 day trial for photoshop elements last night and was playing around with it. It looks pretty good. But it's a dumbed down version of photoshop. So I'm going to play with it for a little while (30days) and see if I'm ready for an upgrade by then. If you don't mind I may call you for some pointers on how to achieve some of the effects with all the lovely tools! keep up the good work on your stuff looks great!

Amber said...

sorry it has taken me awhile to respond to your post. I've been super busy. You told me to leave my e-mail and you would help me out with my blog page. It is amberwillson@msn.com. I hope that it is okay that it's for my personal blog and not my boutique. My partner just wants to leave our boutique blog how it is for now. But I would love your amazing work on my personal blog!
Thanks a bunch!

3in3mom said...

Ashley, who did your famil pictures?

They are darling--and I love your SB pages!!!